Shit I’m Excited About in 2012

In an attempt to hit the big-time, I’m gonna start writing for 10L again. In and of itself, that’s exciting, right?


A new Life and Times record is coming in a few days.

– Drake’s supposed comeback to Common might solidify him as my least favorite rapper in history.

– ATDI reunion.

– New Cloud Nothings in February.

– The Freeway/Jacka Collabo.


And, on top of it, REVIEWS of these things. I’m sorry I got depressed and laid around and watched basketball and stopped writing and left you cold and dead and without love and then started like nine reviews but never finished them. There will be some “Shit we missed in 2011″ reviews. And some just plain “blog” posts to keep the site going stronger than before. Best records of 2011? Storms “Lay Your Sea Coat Aside,” Cymbals Eat Guitars “Lenses Alien,” Jon Connor “Season 2 Mixtape,” Random Axe “Random Axe” and other shit I will get around to talking about. So, yeah, I’m sorry we left. But we are sort-of back. It’s somewhat on.