Lonely Weekend Singles Club #3: Jack White’s “Love Interruption”


There’s masochism, and then there’s whatever the hell “Love Interruption” is.  He wants love to stab him, bite him, betray him, kill his mother and send her wherever, he doesn’t seem to care.  If love hurts like a mother-killer, then it must be the real deal.  The chorus is where things get a little hazy: “I won’t let love disrupt/ corrupt or interrupt me/ anymore.”  Is he finally starting to outgrow his masochism?  Or is it the opposite: what if love has been so painless, innocent, and acquiescent for so long that it has, in fact, become disruptive, corruptive, and interruptive- which is what’s driving him toward pain and humiliation in the first place?

I’m not looking for answers here.  There’s much beauty in such stark ambiguity.  Jack’s and Ruby Amanfu’s vocals get it just right, too: fearful and fragile, yet curious and bold.

The song works just fine without drums, yet sometimes I feel like it begs for drums, and Jack adamantly refuses to give it any drums.  It’s Jack’s first solo single now that he and Meg have officially disbanded, and there’s a big, gaping, percussion-less hole inside.  Coincidence?

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